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Press Release: Foster to Run for Anderson County Probate Judge

Veteran Law Enforcement Officer Will Be Ready On Day One

(ANDERSON, S.C.) – JT Foster, after more than a decade of service with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, will run for Anderson County Probate Judge in the upcoming June 14, 2022 Republican primary.

Foster stated, “Since 2006, I have dedicated my career to serving the citizens of Anderson County. After holding several positions in the County Sheriff’s Office, I know I’ll be ready for any challenge thrown my way as Probate Judge. As a family man and follower of Christ, I know the importance of treating everyone fairly and listening to all sides before rendering any decision. I want to be a judge who puts the well-being of families first.”

“A Probate Judge serves county residents during some of the most stressful times they will ever go through; this position requires someone who understands the impact that each decision will make. Anderson needs someone who is compassionate and highly organized,” Foster added.

Foster will work closely with other local agencies and law enforcement officials. He promises to be ready on day one to oversee a Probate Court that is responsive, efficient, transparent, and genuinely cares about the people it serves.

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