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Key Issues

Leadership With A Fresh Perspective

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Collaborative Engagement & Partnerships

The Probate Court does not simply deal with the Estates of decedents. The Probate Judge and their staff should be working collectively and in partnership with both Mental Health and their Law Enforcement partners to best serve those in need.

Genuinely Cares About The People

The Probate Judge is likely the person that you’re seeing in a difficult time, unless you are about to get married.  I want to ensure that those in need of the Anderson County Probate Court are receiving the highest quality selfless services. Although not on the streets responding to calls, this Office serves the citizens of Anderson.

Mental Health Court

Anderson County has a need for a Mental Health Court. This would act as a diversionary program to assist with getting the needs of those involved a more “wraparound” and comprehensive service to address the criminal-genic need that drives the repeat contact with law enforcement.

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